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About The Rabbit Louie

The Rabbit Louie was started when I had my mini lop, Louie. Louie died suddenly when he was only 6 months old to an unknown cause. Now this website is in memorial of him, and to teach people about the care of rabbits in a fun way with articles, videos, and pictures. 

Today, I have two sweet rabbits. There names are Sonny and Sadie. They are a bonded brother/sister duo. I continue to remember Louie through them. 

Louie was a brave bun who chased the cats away and growled at our 80 pound dog. He was sweet and affectionate, but also very playful. There was never a day that Louie didn't binky at least 10 times. I will always miss my bud as he was the best rabbit I have ever had. 

Now it's your turn to get a rabbit as awesome as Louie. To do this, you need to care for your rabbit properly with nutrition, play, bonding, and exercise. Please check out Rabbit Articles for downloadable articles that you can save straight to your computer. The forum has overviews of things like hay, disease, play, and love. The forum is mostly for members to post on about their rabbits and ask questions to the public about the care of their rabbits. Also, the Links tab has many awesome links to other fantastic pages as well as games to play that are rabbit related. Please feel free to join The Rabbit Louie by signing up using the buttons above the top picture. 

Thank you for visiting The Rabbit Louie and helping me keep him alive. 

While You Still Can Check Out the HRS LiVE Bunny Cam!!

This is Louie the Mini Lop Rabbit. Below is a link to his old page, now with the name Sonny & Sadie. 

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